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Brents Favorites

A collection of my very favorite photographs of all time.  These are the ones that are always in my mind and that I am most proud of.  


Without a doubt, Iceland is a bucket list location.  Everything is just a little bit bigger here, a little more awesome, a little more wow!  Shooting auroras here was an incredible experience.  To see those dancing lights night after night is an unforgettable experience.


I could spend a year photographing Patagonia and it wouldn't be long enough.  The most spectacular peaks, pristine lakes and awe inspiring waterfalls.  Hiking the national parks, camera in hand is nothing short of incredible

NZ North

The North Island of New Zealand is all about incredible coastlines, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, waterfalls, lakes  and forests.  There's everything in the North.

NZ South

You're never more than an hour from somewhere incredible in the South.  The Southern Alps are a real favorite with Aoraki Mt Cook standing tall and proud.  Milford Sound is magical and when the rain comes down the waterfalls really put on a show.  The West Coast is all rugged coastlines and pristine lakes are everywhere. The fjords are spectacular and a night there reminds us just how good nature really is. 


Shooting waterfalls is great fun no matter if they are huge, powerful and towering or smaller.  I love capturing different water flows.  There is just something about them that reminds us we're alive.

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